Product Management

ezWEBSITE CMS Shop Management you have the complete solution to your online ecommerce needs. Plug in your information and your store is ready to work for you, selling your products on the Internet.

ezWEBSITE CMS store will have access to all of the design, editing, and management features that are available with each ezWEBSITE CMS web site. Your store will feature a shop management inside your site's editor. Use the product tab to manage your product catalog, and view orders online.

Product Management

Easily setup and maintain your product catalog with a ezWEBSITE CMS Shop Management. From your Shop Management you can create categories of products and manage the product list that is available within each category. You have the flexibility to add your products anywhere on your site. Once they are added they are automatically linked with your shopping cart.

Shopping Cart

ezWEBSITE shopping cart is programmed in latest technology to work with your product management. When shoppers click to buy an item it will be added to their cart where they can select quantity and mode of payment. The shopping cart is linked to the secure checkout area with multiple payment methods.

Order Management

You will automatically be notified via email of new orders on your web site. To view your orders simply login to your site, click the shop management tab, and click view orders. You can view them online, print them out, or export them to a data file.


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